Emmerse yourself with the beauty of haiku and design. These offerings cover a variety of ways to bring haiku into your everyday life. Whether you want to become a haiku poet or simply enjoy reading them, there are plenty of offerings to suit what best meets your interest and needs.

Haiku In Your Pocket

Haiku in Your Pocket helps mindfulness seekers to transform their lives through the form of haiku so they can feel a new found freedom to be in flow with the natural rhythm and seasons of life. For five minutes a day, this on-going practice provides you with one haiku a week to focus on. This simple little poem is a daily reminder to be present, pause, breath and relax.

Everyday Haiku On Etsy

Give the gift of haiku that you can touch, feel and hold onto. I started Everyday Haiku in 2006 with a line of haiku cards and wall decor. I’m excited to announce that I’m coming full circle with the start of a new product line of gifts that you can purchase through Etsy.

The Mindful Poet – Book

Celebrating a Year of Haiku.

Journey through the seasons with haiku. Slow down so you can see, feel and experience the extraordinary beauty of simple, everyday moments in life. This book and journal will provide you with knowledge, inspiration and insights through the beauty and simplicity that haiku offers.

Become a Haiku Poet

It’s easier than you think.

This online course introduces you to haiku, some of the most famous early poets, and provides an easy to follow series of five lessons, companion workbooks, stunning graphic templates, a collection of evocative one-liners you can mix and match and a nicely illustrated journal in a PDF format.

Graphic Design Offers

The Zen of Design.

With over 20 years of graphic design experience, Anne can bring an elegant beauty to any heart based business. Her background with creating visuals will give your project a strong brand presence. Please reach out If you’re looking to explore new ideas and offers to your audience that is in-line with the simplicity of Zen.

Haiku Meditations & Videos

Walk with me into the world of haiku.

Discover new ways to connect with yourself and your senses that transports you to magical and peaceful places. These haiku meditation practices are guided by Anne. They are filled with soothing images and soft music as she takes you on a journey into yourself through the beauty of haiku and nature.